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What is it?

Snap TBH - be totally honest! Crushin' on someone? Want to make someone's day? Give cheer - Swipe Up and spread the love!
Receive anonymous messages from your friends by letting them swipe up on your Snapchat story!
Snap TBH is keepin' it real and friendly; promoting the good vibes. Get a nasty TBH? Delete it!
Can't help but tell someone that their smile rocked your world? Write them a TBH! Witness someone getting bullied? Remind them that they still rock! Lift them up with a SnapTBH.
Set up a free account with Snaptbh.com and see positive messages from anonymous admirers and friends. Safe, fun and inspiring!

SnapTBH.com creator, American teen, Ike wants to promote sending positive messages. "Too many teens are feeling bad about themselves using social media. There's online bullying, this is a way to tell your friend about their strengths. There are teens out there that need a lift. That's what snaptbh is about. Yeah, there are going to be those that are going to be mean no matter what. To that, I've created a way for users to delete those negative comments and leave up the positive ones. When you're feeling down, you can take a look at all your TBH's -- those positive messages. Things that others see in you that lift you up.

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Owner & Developer

Hello there! I'm Ike, a 16 year old web developer/musician from Wisconsin. I wanted to create a website that used the Snapchat "swipe up" feature, so I decided to build something new that allows snapchatters to write anonymous TBH messages to their friends! Please refrain from bullying or making hurtful comments/threats. This website is intended for positive use only! If you have nothing nice to say, don't say it.
Hope you enjoy πŸ˜ƒ

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